Changes Coming to USAJOBS

USAJOBS to Tell Applicants More About Their Competition, Help Identify Relevant Openings. The federal government’s jobs website will soon undergo a series of updates, including new tools to help applicants find jobs matched to their skills and additional information throughout the hiring process.  The Office of Personnel Management plans in fiscal 2021 to launch changes to USAJOBS, a site used by more than 500 federal agencies to post job openings. OPM has regularly overhauled and updated the site in recent years, fixing bugs and design flaws that have long frustrated federal applicants and agencies alike.  One forthcoming tool for USAJOBS, according to the Government Accountability Office, will be a pilot program aimed at matching would-be federal employees to openings throughout government. OPM is currently testing its matching algorithms on its Open Opportunities platform, a site for existing federal workers to pursue professional development, by asking users to identify their skills. The pilot will also initially launch on that platform before expanding to USAJOBS.  Veterans applying for civil service positions will also see process improvements, as they will for the first time be able to import data on their military service and Veterans Affairs Department disability ratings. That will in turn automate assessments of their eligibility for special veterans preference hiring status and show the applicants jobs for which they would qualify.  Find out more at: