OCONUS Relocation Programs

If you’re moving to an installation outside the continental United States (OCONUS), we have special relocation resources for you, including:
  • ​Host Nation Orientation: Can help you better understand the local culture, language, transportation, and tourism offerings.
  • Re-Entry Workshops: Provided for transferees returning from overseas to the U.S. You’ll get information about the PCS process and procedures, finance entitlements, shipping household goods, port call, Family travel, legal assistance for claims, and shipping your automobiles and pets. 
  • Foreign Language and Foreign Cultural Information: Many Army Community Service (ACS) centers in OCONUS locations offer local language prorgams. Additionally, you can borrow foreign language CDs and learning materials to learn the language of the country where you will reside overseas. ACS centers can also help you translate bills and letters. 
  • Mandatory Overseas Orientations (Levy Brief): If you’re making a PCS overseas (Europe or Pacific), this workshop focuses on everything you’ll need to know about life overseas, including geography, climate, government, economy, language, recreation, family life, food, customs, and courtesies.