In-Transit and Post-Arrival

Relocation Readiness Program

Transportation Ticketing

Whether you are flying or driving to your new destination, you'll need to know a few things while you travel: Driving – Review your orders to ensure that you are authorized to travel by POV. Keep receipts just in case you need them for travel vouchers, tax returns, etc. Check with your finance office or ACS Relocation Readiness to determine the current mileage and per diem rates. Flying – Do not purchase tickets on your own. Your transportation office will ticket you; otherwise you may not be reimbursed. When you receive your orders, verify that Family members are listed by name if required for ticketing. Before traveling, ensure that appropriate visas and passports are in hand; your family travel office at the losing installations can help.

In-Transit Resources

Moving - Military OneSouce
Temporary Lodging
USO Centers

Transit Emergencies

If an emergency situation occurs during your travel to your new duty station (death in the Family, illness, inability to continue travel due to weather, etc) you need some assistance. Below are several agencies to help as well as tips to ensure you are taken care of quickly. Army Emergency Relief – Available after hours 1-877-272-7337 or through Military One Source 24hr hotline 1-800-342-9647. You can also access AER through your nearest American Red Cross or your nearest military installation Family Center (regardless of service type). The American Red Cross – In addition to assisting with AER, the ARC can provide you with official documentation regarding the death of a Family Member and information and referral services. Ensure you contact your unit chain of command and sponsor immediately. Let then know the situation and keep them up to date as things change. If you need to amend your orders and you have already signed out of your losing installation, you'll need to contact the Army Emergency Personnel hotline at: 1-800-582-5552.

Post-Arrival Resources

The following resources will help you navigate the numerous changes in your new location:
MSEP (Spouse Employment)
Public vs. Private Schools
Defense Travel Management Office
Military Installations
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