Transitional Compensation Information

  There are two types of TC applications:  “Traditional” and “Exceptional Eligibility”.               (1)  An application is considered Traditional when the dependent abuse offense is specifically cited as a reason for the Soldier’s separation.  Authorization for approval is by IMCOM, which has been delegated specifically to the IMCOM ACS/FAP.  The application is approved after meeting legal sufficiency.  The legal review is conducted by IMCOM SJA with the provision of a legal opine.  The approval is for a duration of 36 months.  Following approval, the duration period is established and reflected to commence on the date the administrative separation was initiated or the court martial sentence was adjudged.   The TC benefits commence on the date that these military actions were activated rather than the date of the application approval.  Application submission is not allowable to IMCOM until after these actions have been initiated, therefore retroactive pay is granted to the applicant for the time delay based upon process dynamics.           (2)  An application is considered as an Exceptional Eligibility  (EE) request for approval when the Soldier is separated for reasons other than dependent abuse, however, there is documented evidence that dependent abuse occurred.  This is also applicable if the Soldier departs from the service as an ETS and these conditions exist.  The Secretary of the Army (SECARMY) is the sole approval authority for EE applications.  The SECARMY has the authority to make adjustments to the commencement and duration of payment provisions and may make adjustments to other provisions as the Secretary considers necessary in light of the circumstances of the case noted in the application.   For more information regarding the TC Program, please contact your Installation Army Community Service Center, Family Advocacy Program Victim Advocate Office or the Staff Judge Advocate, Victim Witness Liasion Office.