Advanced Application of Military Spouse Preference Pilot Program

The DOD has authorized the Department of Army and Department of Air Force to carry out pilot programs allowing eligible Military Spouses to exercise Military Spouse Preference (MSP) when applying to Army or Air Force job opportunity announcements up to 30 days prior to arrival in certain foreign overseas locations. The Department of Army’s pilot program became effective December 22, 2020. The pilot will expire on June 22, 2022. The pilot is exclusive to appropriated fund, non-bargaining unit positions at the GS-15 grade level and below (or equivalent) within the Republic of Korea, the U.S. Army Garrison Rhineland-Pfalz, and the Ramstein Air Base. For more information contact your local Army Community Service (ACS) Employment Readiness Program. To find your local ACS, click on:  Or download the Army Digital Garrison app for your Apple or Android device.