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About AFWP

The Army Family Web Portal (AFWP) is a suite of software systems that support Army families and the staff of Army Community Service (ACS).

You can stay up-to-date with annoucements, news, and events, learn about the ACS Family Programs, and use the menu bar at the top of the page to access each of the software applications listed below. 

VMIS: Volunteer Management Information System

The Volunteer Management Information System, or VMIS, is an application that makes it easy for military community members to find volunteer opportunities online and submit applications for them. 

Additionally, VMIS gives useful management tools to volunteers and staff members of the Army Volunteer Corps, such as the ability to record volunteer hours and manage volunteer service records. 

OLMS: Online Learning Management System

The Online Learning Management System, or OLMS, is an interactive collection of Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) for users of ARC and other AFWP systems.

There are various training subjects contained in OLMS, and each user is required to log in with an AFWP Account to access these materials. Logging in makes it possible to save the user's progress within each course and provide proof of completion for certification purposes.

IMS: Issue Management System

The Issue Management System, or IMS, is an online issue submission tool that allows military community members to alert ACS Staff Members of issues or concerns within their community.

IMS is open to the public and issues can be submitted both anonymously and through an AFWP Account. Staff Members can also use IMS to manage issues and mark them as resolved or elevate them to other areas of leadership. 

Virtual SFRG (vSFRG)

The primary goal of the Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) is to act as an extension of the unit command in providing official and accurate command information to Soldiers and their Families. The Army Virtual Soldier and Family Readiness Group, or vSFRG, is a tool commanders can use to securely communicate with their SFRG membership regardless of a unit's mission or deployment status - anytime (24/7) and from anywhere in the world. A unit can customize their vSFRG site and control the content on their page. vSFRG is another way commanders can connect their Soldiers and Families to the chain of command, provide access to on and off post resources, and offer a network of support.

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The Army Family Web Portal (AFWP) is a suite of software systems designed to support Army Families and the staff of Army Community Service (ACS). AFWP provides content that will help you stay up-to-date with ACS news, announcements, and events, learn about the available ACS Family Programs, and access the software applications that support those programs.
Select the Menu button in the top-left of any ARC page, indicated by three horizontal dashes, and then select the appropriate system. Additional authorization may be required to access these applications.
You can receive technical support by selecting the Help Desk link in the footer of any ARC page. Before submitting a technical support request, be sure to look over the ACS Family Program pages and supporting documentation (located in the ARC Getting Started page) to determine if the answer to your question is already available.
Last modified: November 25, 2019 - 6:39 pm UTC