Coming in 2023 - DoD Funded Spouse Fellowship Program!

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Defense officials will launch a program in 2023 to place military spouses into paid fellowship positions with corporations that can keep them employed beyond the next PCS move. More information will be available later this year as officials continue to work out details, said Eddy Mentzer, the Defense Department’s associate director of Military Community Support Programs, during a Sept. 19 panel discussion at the Air & Space Forces Association’s Air Space Cyber Conference. Information was not available about how many spouse fellowships will be funded. The program will be open to employers on the national level, local level and “anybody that wants to play,” he said, noting some employers may bring one military spouse on board, and others may bring dozens. These fellowships will be available for career-ready spouse New DoD-funded spouse fellowship program coming in 2023 ( Stay Tuned for more information on this program!