December Army Information Update - Because Information is power! ...Pass it on!

  • BACKGROUND: Department of the Army (DA) understands access to relevant,
    timely and accurate information plays an important role in the quality of life for
    our Soldiers and their Families.
  • GOAL: Soldiers and Families can quickly orient themselves to a new installation
    and its surrounding community with an “at their fingertips” customizable tool.
  • SPECIFICS: The Army Software Factory, in coordination with Installation
    Management Command (IMCOM) is spearheading the creation of a proof-of-
    concept App called “My Army Post,”. They are developing this app with direct input from Soldiers 
    and Families to ensure the final product has the capabilities and flexibility to be an effective 
    tool for Soldiers and Families to quickly and easily find relevant, timely, and accurate information 
    about their specific installation and community. Soldiers and families will be able to tailor their 
    home screen based upon where they live and what services they use. The app will allow real- time 
    access to: Gates, Finances, Housing, Schools, Jobs, Fitness, Food, Soldier and
    Family Support, Medical, and Safety.
  • A SNEAK PEAK: Check out the My Army Post Youtube demonstration here:
  • WHERE ARE WE COLLECTING FEEDBACK? Currently: Fort Cavazos- 100 Soldiers
    and 5 Command Teams. Beginning January 2024, five more installations will be
    added: USAG Bavaria, Fort Moore, Fort McCoy, Camp Humphreys & Fort Meade.
  • THE WAY AHEAD: Once Army Software Factory has determined exactly what the
    application must be able to do, they will send it out for competition in early 2024.
  • WE NEED YOUR HELP! Tell us what a great Army Installation app should do!