January Army Information Update - Because Knowledge is power!...Pass it on!

WHAT IS EFMP: The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is a program that works with other 
military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated community support, housing, 
educational and medical services to Families with special needs.

There are approximately 47,200 Servicemembers and 58,400 Family members enrolled in EFMP.

EFMP FORMS:  (Also see attached file with QR Code) ** Soldiers and Family members are responsible for updating medical and/or special education
needs as conditions change or every THREE years, whichever comes first**

•  E-EFMP Website: The system can complete EFMP enrollment, enrollment update, disenrollment, 
assignment inquiry, and overseas FMTS. EFMP Families have 24/7 computer-based access to E-EFMP 
using the DOD self-service log-on.
•  Army MWR Exceptional Family Member Program Overview
•  EFMP Fact Sheet
•  Office Of Special Needs EFMP Newsletter and Podcast:
•  The Respite Care Program:  A component of EFMP that provides a temporary rest period for Family 
members responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please provide feedback on the EFMP program through either link below
Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) (This is under the Issue Management Tab)​
• EFMP Central Office: email: usarmy.pentagon.hqda-dcs-g-9mbx.efmp@mail.mil

Our Goal: Every Army Spouse & Family are Aware of Big Army Information, Efforts, and Initiatives.