February Army Information Update - Because Knowledge is power! ...Pass it on!

February and March are the months to apply for most college, vocational and technical scholarships 
for spouses and family members. Check out this list consolidated by Army Emergency Relief: The Official Nonprofit of the U.S. Army to help make finding and applying easier: 1. Two Army Emergency Relief Scholarships specifically for spouses and dependent children.

2. This list is organized by status: active duty, spouse or family member

3. $2000 Commissary Scholarships for Military Children.

4. Spouses’ Clubs located near Army installations offer great scholarships for
spouses and children. Inquire at your Army Community Service (ACS)

5. Ask your School Liaison about scholarship opportunities. Find YOUR ACS
and look for School Support Services.

6. Every Installation should have a list of local scholarships. Find your Garrison website.

7. Let the Army help you pay for college!

8. Check out this college scholarship search engine and financial aid info.

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