March Army Information Update - Because Knowledge is power! ... Pass It On!

March focus is FINANCIAL RESOURCES AND BENEFITS. As we just kicked off 2024, this may be a great time to take stock of your finances- where you are and how to realize your future financial goals (or make them if you're not sure where to begin!). These resources are part of your benefits package and are free to Soldiers and their Families. 

1.  Financial Frontline:   Connect with virtual resources, watch online videos, find and schedule an appointment with a certified Financial Counselor.
2.  Army Community Service (ACS) Financial Readiness Programs:  Look for the ‘Find My Installation” search box in the upper right corner; then click on the Financial Readiness Program link.
3.  Help filing your 2023 tax returns:
     a.  Free tax filing software and support, or talk with a tax professional
     b.  Connect with our installation’s Legal Office (search by keywords “Legal Office”) and ask about their Tax Preparation Program. Or ask at your local ACS. Find your installations’ ACS.
4.  MilSpouse Money Mission: created especially for military spouses to empower thin in leading their Families to stronger financial futures.
     a. By the Numbers: an explanation of each box on an LES.   (See attached .pdf)
     b. 2024 Active Duty Pay Days
     c.  6 Minute Video, courtesy of Fort Carson, CO.  It’s also posted on YouTUBE.
6. Visit ACS Employment Readiness before you spend money looking for a job, recertify or relicense. Through the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) Program, you may be eligible for a free premium Linked-In account when you PCS, free resume assistance, and spouse licensure reimbursement support. (See attached .pdf)
7. Army Emergency Relief – The Army’s Nonprofit, provides grants, interest-free loans and scholarships to promote readiness and help relieve financial distress of Soldiers and their Families.
8. Free Tutoring Resource for Soldiers and Families:

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