May Army Information Update - Because Knowledge is Power! ... Pass it on!

Because information is power, we are informing you each personally and inspiring you to pass it along.

For many in the Army, MAY stands for MOVING.  We know moving is never easy, so this month we’ve shared a few of the many Army and Community resources to help you make a smooth move.  As you bid farewell to the home you have known and jump into the unknown, we find courage in the words of C.S. Lewis who reminds us “There are far better things ahead than we ever leave behind.”
  1. First Stop:  Relocation Readiness at your local Army Community Service.  They are the experts (or can you refer you to the expert you need!) and can help you make a good plan.
  2. Create a CUSTOM CHECKLIST through Military One Source Plan My Move
  3. Download these Army -sponsored apps:
    1. MyARMYPCS app to help Soldiers and families prepare for an upcoming move.  Find accurate information about entitlements, forms, move types, claims, and special items.
    2. MyArmyPost app for timely and accurate information about your new post. (*this is a new app so not all posts are using it yet.
  4. Moving usually brings unexpected expenses.  Plan your PCS budget with Financial Frontline
  5. Health Insurance!  Let TRICARE know you’re moving and select a new doctor or new health plan.
  6. Check your new installation’s Garrison Website.  Every website will have a NEWCOMERS link. Ask about the Welcomes at your next duty station.  These are held regularly and are full of information to help you get to know your new home.
  7. School-aged kids? SO MANY RESOURCES!
    1. Connect with a Military Student Consultant  They advocate and provide support to students and parents if you face challenges navigating your school system.
    2. SchoolQuest through Military Child Education Coalition is a tool to help as you research new schools and scholarships, organize school records, and plan the next school year.
    3. More Resources to ensure your child(ren) smoothly transition to a new school.
    4. Department Of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) operates 160 schools in 8 Districts located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states and 2 territories.  See DODEA SCHOOL INFO.
    5. Find YOUR SCHOOL LIAISON.  They are the experts on K-12 grade education as your student moves to a new public or private school or you decide to home school. Liaisons engage regularly with military commanders, educators, and parents, and work closely with state and local education authorities to advocate for military-connected students.
  8. Summer Camps!
    1. Amazing National Summer Camps for military kids. 
    2. 2024 Summer Army Reading Program
    3. Check with the MWR Child & Youth Services Team at the post you are headed to.
  9. Visit or call your outgoing post’s AND your incoming post’s Employment Readiness Center to find out about job, career and educational opportunities for spouses. 
  10. IHG Army Hotels are convenient, affordable hotels once you’ve arrived at your destination.
  11. Dog or Cat Owner?  HERE is accurate information about the new Pet PCS reimbursements.
  12. The Defense Personal Property System is the site where you will schedule your move, track your goods and file damage claims.
  13. Find out more about filing damage claims after a move.  For damages under $1000, consider a QUICK CLAIM on the spot. 
  14. Are you helping plan a Spouse or Unit Welcome or Farewell?  See Protocol, Tradition & Customs by Mission: MilSpouse for some delightful information, ideas, and advice.  
  15. Check your city’s Chamber of Commerce website to learn more about your new local communities.
  16. Learn about Blue Star Welcome Week 21-29 September and ask about the events in your area.