New Parent Support Program

Building Strong and Resilient Military Families By Promoting Positive Parent-Child Relationships

About NPSP

The Army’s New Parent Support Program is a key secondary prevention program within the Family Advocacy Program which falls under the umbrella of Army Community Service. Established in 1995, this voluntary participation program helps Soldiers and Family members who are expecting a child, or have a child or children up to 3 years of age, to build strong, resilient military families. Through a variety of supportive services including home visits, support groups and parenting classes, the NPSP helps Soldiers and Families learn to cope with stress, isolation, military transitions such as deployments, post-deployment reunions and the everyday demands of parenthood. Please contact your Installation Army Community Service Center, Family Advocacy Program for more information and the opportunity to speak with an NPSP Staff Member, we welcome you and your Family.  

NPSP: Frequently Asked Questions

A1: All Soldiers and Family members expecting a child or with children from birth to 3 years of age are eligible to participate FREE of charge in NPSP services. Also eligible are Activated Reservists, Retirees, and their respective families.
A2: The NPSP Staff includes Home Visitors who are supportive and caring licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) or registered nurses (RNs) who have extensive experience working with Families and young children and are sensitive to the unique challenges faced by military Families. Other Staff members may include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs) who may also serve as Home Visitors and Administrative Support Staff.
A3: The NPSP offers a variety of programs and services to support you and your family in building a strong, resilient family, that includes:
  • Home Visits – NPSP Home Visitors provide information and guidance regarding child development and answers questions related to your baby, young children, family relationships and parenting techniques. Home Visitors provide education on a variety of topics that may include: infant sleeping, breastfeeding, nutrition, potty training, age appropriate discipline, developmental screenings, sibling rivalry, stress management, deployment/reunion challenges, time management, parental self-care and other topics. Visits may be provided in the comfort of your home or in an NPSP office setting.  Home visits may be scheduled at your convenience.
  • Playgroups – Playgroups allow moms, dads and their children to join other young children and their parents in a child-centered setting for a few hours each week for children to interact and learn through play.  The activity also provides an opportunity for parents to network, learn and share experiences with each other and NPSP Staff regarding the parenting of young children in a military environment. During the group setting, the NPSP Staff may focus upon nurturing activities, interpersonal skill building exercises, role modeling, age appropriate exercises that generates the involvement of parents and their children.  Playgroups may bring military families with young children together, combating the isolation that many parents may feel. It is open to all military families with young children with no cost to participate.  .
  • Parenting Classes – NPSP offers scheduled parenting classes and support groups, which may differ by location, on a variety of topics, including child development, proper nutrition, well-baby care, Shaken Baby Syndrome, the Period of Purple Crying, safe infant sleeping awareness, Boot Camp for Dads, infant massage, post-partum depression, child and home safety, discipline, stress management, problem solving, decision making, parenting during military transitions and blended families.  
  • Other Installation Classes and Activities – Each installation has developed a unique NPSP Program; check with your installation FAP office for more information about available classes, support groups and home visitation services.
  • Community Resources- The NPSP Staff stands ready to share information with you regarding resources may assist you and your family both on and off of the Installation.  They may also share information with you regarding tips in navigating the local systems to access needed services.   
A4: Yes, information shared with NPSP-Home Visitors is confidential. However, exceptions do exist to protect your safety, the safety of your children, and other individuals. As licensed professionals, all NPSP-Home Visitors have a duty to warn if they believe an individual may harm themselves or others. NPSP-Home Visitors are also mandated reporters of child abuse. As such, they must report any suspicion of child abuse and/or neglect to the appropriate resources. During your first meeting with your NPSP-Home Visitor, you are encouraged to discuss confidentiality, and these exceptions, with your Home Visitor.
A5: Please contact your Installation Army Community Service (ACS), Family Advocacy Program, New Parent Support Program office to enroll in services today. You can also call Military OneSource for more information and referrals (CONUS: 800-342-9647; OCONUS: 00-800-3429-6477; To call collect with operator assistance OCONUS: 484-530-5908).
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