Operation READY

Resources for Education About Deployment and You

About Operation READY

Operation READY is a training and information resource developed after the Persian Gulf War from lessons learned and has been updated periodically during Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. These training and resource materials are intended for individual Soldiers/DA Civilians, Family members and Family program staff of active duty Reserve Components. Other Army Family program professionals, unit leaders, Chaplains, Family Readiness Group leaders, Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSAs), and volunteers can benefit from review of specific Operation READY handbooks and guides. These materials provide guidance on supporting Soldiers/DA Civilians and Family members through stages of the ARFORGEN cycle process, RESET, Train/Ready and Available.

Training and Resource Materials

The training and resource materials include:
  • Handbooks/Guides which provide information to different audiences such as Family program staff, unit leaders, Care Team volunteers, Soldiers/DA Civilians and Family members.
  • Facilitators' Guides with accompanying PowerPoint and handouts, found only on the ASC Staff Site, provide training resources for Family program staff.
  • The Smart Book provides supplemental information, regulations, policy guidance and other key information.
  • Refer to the next section for a list of all available Operation READY downloads.
  Don't see what you need? Please contact your local Army Community Service (ACS) center to learn about additional training programs and classroom opportunities that are available to you. To locate your local ACS center please click on the "Services Locator" on the top right of any AOS page, select "Mobilization/Deployment Support" and enter your zip code. If you are not located near an ACS center, the Mobilization and Deployment program manager will be able to assist you with getting the resources you need.

Operation READY Files

  Click here for a full list of resources found in the Operation READY Smart Book.

Unit Family Readiness Brochure

Reproduction Instructions for the Customized Unit Family Readiness (UFR) Brochure:
  1. Download the following document: UFR Custom Brochure
  2. Customize the label by opening the document and entering your personal community's contact information. This label should be copied onto 8.5 by 11-inch sized clear or white adhesive backed label material (available at office supply stores). Trim the printed labels (4 per page) and stick on to brochure.
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