Issue Management System (IMS)

Documentation, videos, and FAQ related to the Issues Management System (IMS).

IMS: Issue Management System

The Issue Management System, or IMS, is an online issue submission tool that allows military community members to alert ACS Staff Members of issues or concerns within their community.

IMS is open to the public and issues can be submitted both anonymously and through an AFWP Account. Staff Members can also use IMS to manage issues and mark them as resolved or elevate them to other areas of leadership. 

IMS Resources

Check out these helpful video tutorials for using IMS:   Download the Submitter User Guide to learn more about the features available in IMS and using it as a submitter. 


No - all IMS users are required to log in using a new or existing AFWP Account. When logging in to IMS for the first time, you will be asked to your profile information if it is incomplete.
Once on the site, select "Submit Issue" from the left-hand panel. Issues can be submitted by guest users as well as logged in users, but only logged in users have the ability to track their issue and recieve updates. 
You will need the following information:
  • Military Community- which military community does this issue take place in? 
  • Issue Demographic - who is affected by this issues?
  • Issue Title- the problem in a clear and consice sentence or a few terms
  • Statement of the Problem- what is the problem?
  • Validation- facts/supporting details explaining why this is a problem.
  • Impact- why is this issue important to solve? What woud happen if it isn't solved?
  • Recommended Action-  a viable solution to correct the issue.
Once you are on the site, select "Search Issue" from the left-hand panel. Only issues that have been accepted by a military community can be searched. 
Once you've logged in, locate the "My Issues Table" on the dashboard and select the pencil icon next to the issue. Select "Delete Issue". In order to delete an issue, it must be in the "Under Review" status and you must have been logged in when you submitted the issue.
Last modified: November 25, 2019 - 3:57 pm UTC