Online Learning Management System (OLMS)

Documentation and FAQs related to the Online Learning Management System (OLMS).

OLMS: Online Learning Management System

The Online Learning Management System, or OLMS, is an interactive collection of Computer Based Trainings (CBTs) for users of ARC and other AFWP systems.

There are various training subjects contained in OLMS, and each user is required to log in with an AFWP Account to access these materials. Logging in makes it possible to save the user's progress within each course and provide proof of completion for certification purposes.

OLMS Resources

Download the OLMS User Guide to learn more about the features available in OLMS.   


No - all OLMS users are required to log in using a new or existing AFWP Account. When logging in to OLMS for the first time, you will be asked to fill out additional profile information.
Once you've logged in, a list of courses is found on the home page. Under "Welcome to AFWP Online Training" there is a section titled "Courses". 
Once you have logged in, select "My Courses" at the top right of any OLMS page. This list shows courses that you are currently enrolled in. It will also indicate your progress through your course if you have partially completed the course activities. 
Select "Grades" at the top of the "My Courses" page. This page will show grades for courses that you are currently enrolled in with a running grade, as well as courses that you have completed. If a course is incomplete, it will show a grade of "100" for sections that have been completed. 
Select "Enroll Me" next to the course you wish to enroll in. Note that after 2 weeks of inactivity, you will automatically be unenrolled. Once you re-enroll, your history will be restored. 
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